Grow Through What You Go Through

Grow Through What You Go Through

I firmly believe that every experience in our live serves to teach us a lesson, even if we do not see what the lesson clearly or right away. For me, I can say for certain that the tough times I experienced in the past have shaped me into the woman I am today. With that I know that often we leave things unresolved to come back later and find a big mess that we wished we had tidied up sooner. 

This past weekend I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life, my choices, things I have said and done and most importantly people I have hurt. Now I will preface this by saying that I by no means am here to say that I was some kind of horrible brat/mean girl in college and high school who tore others down leaving a wake of destruction in my past. HOWEVER, I will admit that I certainly contributed to a lot of the drama and negativity that I was wrapped up in prior to growing up and owning my mistakes as an adult. 

I think that we can all look back and find a time in our life when we were not our best selves, I know I can! With everything going on in the world, the uncertainty, the hate, the fear I felt it was time to tie up some things that I have left unresolved from my past and make amends for things I am not proud of. My existential brain spiral was screaming at me that if the world ended tomorrow would I be okay knowing that there are people I owe apologies to or who I have lost touch with and the short answer was no. So I did something bold and scary and ultimately, I feel it has helped me grow. See for us to grow we must experience things, whether those things involve pain, fear, or disappointment or all three! 

Experience and opportunity are the best teachers, so yeah, I texted someone I have not spoken to in 4 years! Yes, it was scary as hell, but ya know what? This person responded back with hope, love, and mutual respect as well as some words of regret for the unravelling of our friendship in the past. See I had walked into this conversation thinking that I did not deserve a response to my 4-year late apology, but this person surprised me in the best way. They showed me that we all have moments, hell even years of our lives where we do not do the right or the best things and damage relationships unnecessarily but that it is okay. 

I have grown up tremendously since my drama filled first two years at college and looking back has been hard for me. I have felt ashamed and upset with the way I treated not only others but also myself and can now see where I went wrong. But really the most important thing I have found is that I needed to be that person 4 years ago, I needed to experience those things because I learned from those mistakes and have grown better because of them. 

I have zero regrets about unpacking my past and my emotional baggage because I know that if I want to move forward and keep thriving, then I need to feel unburdened and mentally well. 

And that is the Thursday tea…

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Falling Back Into Blogging

Falling Back Into Blogging

Ahhh Autumn, what a wonderful time. A season filled with endings and new beginnings and lots of cozy PSL and sweaters. It has been quite a few weeks since I wrote something and I will be perfectly honest it has been hard to come back to writing long form content after taking a long hiatus on here. 

When I started this blog it was because I was frustrated with the progression or lack thereof in my professional career and I thought why don’t I channel this negativity into a creative passion project. As it turns out my blogging helped me in securing my current position and with that I have had to take a step back from my blog to focus on transitioning into my new big girl job. See when I took a step back from writing it allowed me to see that my new job was igniting a new passion in me: Advocacy! 

In my new role I have the unique opportunity to be an advocate for both YouTubers and lifestyle brands as they navigate sponsorship deals and paid partnerships. I am able to advocate for the overall project vision and am the key piece in communication between the brand and creator that creates a healthy and happy strategic partnership. This has been such a big leap forward for me in responsibility and workload which has led to some creative burn out. See as I work I am charged with protecting and fighting for other influencers and because of this I have lost my own voice for a short period of time and had to pause my own influencing projects. I have been so worried about other influencers that I have had to pause my own accounts to give me the mental space to live my life in the present and savor all of the small moments that often get lost in the craze of work/life balance. 

I love my new job and I have ZERO regrets about taking some time and space to get grounded with my career so that I can come back to my blog fired up and ready to inspire once again. Fall is about change, changing seasons and leaves and changing closets (HELLO BOOTS! My old friend, we come to meet again 🙂 I have lots of exciting things happening soon including a big fall fashion haul from H&M, some new home decorating tips and a much awaited skincare sample testing for a BIG new beauty and skincare brand that I actually found through my job! 

I LIVE for spooky season so what better time to stage a comeback! While I will likely only post 1-2x a week on here I am super excited to get back to writing once again. 

Ta Ta for now friends and I am excited to bring the passion back to Who WOD Wear!

Hydration Station Tips

Hydration Station Tips

True story, I got severely dehydrated earlier this summer to the point where I nearly passed out after my workout. I was so dehydrated, I threw up my entire dinner, and luckily my boyfriend drove to Walgreens at 9pm to get my Gatorade Zero so I didn’t have to go to urgent care or worst call 911. Now I would like to say that this only happened to me once this summer, however the truth is this happened to me multiple times during the month of June and only recently have I been making positive steps towards staying fully hydrated.

So how did I, a 24-year-old adult female, forget to stay hydrated on a 100-degree day during a dry Colorado summer? Simple, I was not setting myself up for hydration success. I was not being mindful of how much water I was drinking throughout the day and was barely hitting 50 ounces of water because I was forgetting to sip throughout my workday. By the time my 5 or 6pm workout rolled around I was already too dehydrated to be completing my WOD outside, yet I was still pushing myself to work out because I didn’t want to miss the WOD or change my workout schedule for the week.

What changes have I made to my hydration schedule to avoid severe summer dehydration?

  • I bought a gallon water jug for days I plan to exercise outside. Now I make sure I drink at least 2-3 gallons BEFORE I even think about exercising.
  • I check in with myself before I drive to the box. I take a moment now to reflect and assess whether I am properly fed and hydrated before I hit up the WOD. If I am already feeling dehydrated or hangry before my workout, I adapt my schedule and sit that day out. No workout is worth going to the hospital for especially when we are in the midst of a public health crisis.
  • More water = Better skin, better workout and better life. I have recently re-framed the importance of water in my daily life and make hitting my water goals a non-negotiable for me. No amount of soda water or Gatorade can make up for importance of water in your daily life so stop seeing water as the “boring” drink option and instead view it as a vital piece in your wellness and life tool kit!

Hydration is so important and while it is not as sexy of topic to discuss as deadlifts or macro tracking, it still is a valuable topic that deserves to be talked about! Go forth and get hydrated this summer my friends, your skin and your stomach with thank you later.

Be Bold! Be A First Texter

Be Bold! Be A First Texter

I love texting first! I used to be terrified to reach out to people first via text to initiate plans. I hated being the one who was always texting people and was constantly worried I was being “needy” or a bother to my friends. Not anymore!

Post college life has taught me so much, and two of the most important lessons I have learned is how to not give a damn what other people think and to let go of the fear of rejection. Looking back, I missed out on so many social events because I was worried about what people would think if I invited myself somewhere or tried to initiate plans first. I would never text people first or try to plan things from scratch simply because I felt like it was uncool to text my friends first. It wasn’t until I was thrust into the adult world that I realized that I would never see my friends if I didn’t start exerting more effort into planning social gatherings.

As friends moved away post-graduation, I also had to confront a whole new fear – making new friends without the safety net of college. Making friends as an adult was hard work! Meeting new people and expanding my social circle demanded more effort from me as well as more confidence. One of the closer friendships I have made post college actually came from my first office job and had I not started forcing conversations and inviting myself to hang out with this person I never would have ended up joining her kickball league and making even more social connections! Much to my surprise, the more I got comfortable with putting myself out there socially the easier it became for me to do and less uncomfortable it felt.

Now I am the self-proclaimed “social chair” of my friend group because I am constantly sending the first text or trying to rally the crew to make moves on a Friday night. I have learned that none really cares if you send the first text, what they care about is the fact that you were thinking of them enough to reach out and make the first move.

So often I find that when I am a busy bee, I am on hyperdrive, constantly cranking and hustling while completely forgetting to water my friendships with love and attention. I can go for months without touching base with some of my friends, others a few days, however I have made it my business to no longer feel shame or guilt sending that first “Hey, I know it’s been a while since we spoke….” text or call. Taking that step forward can be scary and putting yourself out there vulnerable to the judgement of others is nerve-wracking, but if you want to grow stronger relationships someone has to make that move.

Relationships are a two-way street. They take both parties coming to the table to make memories and magic happen. For me, I cannot sleep knowing I did not hold up my end of friendship. That lingering fear of friendship disappointment is what drives me to show up and reach out to my connections first! Maybe your college bestie feels bad you have lost touch, or maybe that friend from work is secretly hoping you invite them to happy hour next week. You never know who in your network is just waiting for you to make their day with a text or call!

So, I challenge you…be bold! Text first and text often, you may be shocked to find out how quickly your social anxiety melts away the more you put yourself out there to shine.

Greek Inspired Summer Salad Recipe

Greek Inspired Summer Salad Recipe

Getting your greens in shouldn’t have to suck! I will be the first to admit I am not much of a salad aficionado and have only added them into my diet regularly as of recently. It has taken me a long time to figure out what kind of salads I like outside of dressing heavy take-out salads from restaurants. Homemade salads used to be a huge turn off for me mostly because I did not understand how to combine ingredients to make something that not only was good for me but that also tasted good and was filling enough to keep me satisfied post meal.

Kale has always been one of my favorite leafy greens, but it is bitter when eaten raw and can burn in the oven easily. I have experimented with kale-based salads in the past but have always felt dissatisfied with the flavor or combination of ingredients. After some experimenting and an on the fly pot-luck holiday gathering I finally created the perfect summer salad!

This salad recipe was actually one that I found on Pinterest for a 4th of July BBQ and then have modified to add some extra leafy green volume for a workday lunch meal. Here is my easy and colorful Greek inspired summer salad!


  • 150 Grams of Raw, Peeled Cucumber, Chopped
  • 50 Grams of Red Onion
  • 50 Grams of Cherry Tomatoes, Halved (* Can sub for any tomato of choice)
  • 10 Grams of Kalamata Olives, Chopped
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Crumbled Feta Cheese
  • 50 – 100 Grams of Raw Kale (Depending on your desired volume/ration of toppings to lettuce)
  • 12 Grams of Peppered Salami, Sliced Thin
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing


Simply chop and combine all ingredients, pour and mix dressing then serve!

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We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve

We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve

Before meeting my current partner, I used to find myself seeking validation from men who I felt I deserved. Rather than finding value and worth in myself I was always craving attention from others, specifically romantic partners. I can very vividly remember chasing after some sub-par frat guy in college in hopes of finding someone who would love me the way I loved myself. Little did I know that that love for myself was lacking, and that the rock solid, healthy relationship I was actually craving was one with myself and my body.

I was constantly jumping from one toxic fling or “something” to the next never understanding why things weren’t working out for me romantically. I was constantly down on myself and felt like I was unworthy of a decent partner because I could not see my own beauty. At around 22 that the lightbulb finally went off for me, I was seeking relationships that were a direct reflection of my own relationship with myself and my body. Even after losing 30 lbs. I never felt worthy of a solid, healthy relationship because I didn’t even have one with myself. I was shocked and angry that my dating habits at 125 lbs. were not all that different than when I was 155 lbs.

How could I ever expect a man to love and respect me unconditionally if I could not even do that for myself?  It was then that I realized I had been seeking the love I thought I was deserving of, which as I look back was a very low bar for any adult male to meet. I was letting romantic partners treat me like trash and manipulate me because I was so focused on the attention they were showing me that I rarely took a step back to evaluate how I was lowering my worth to meet their lukewarm feelings and actions. The truth was that I didn’t think I could “do better”.

Putting in the work to repair my relationship with myself and my body was what finally set me free from the toxic dating habits that had gripped me since my high school boyfriend, dumped me during my 1st semester of freshman year of college. I spent most of my early 20’s believing that I didn’t deserve a partner who cared about me, respected me or who met my social-emotional needs because I didn’t see my own beauty and worth. After confronting my issues with myself and my body I was able to solidify my own self-love and respect which eventually helped me in navigating my needs and worth when it came to my dating life.

I actually met my current boyfriend when I was still in the process of understanding what a healthy relationship looked like and as we very slowly eased into dating, I began to see what love could look like for me. Love free from judgement, filled with respect, support and acceptance of one another. A love that would push me to be my best self and would never ask me to show up as anyone else other than me.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower said it right, we truly do accept the love we think we deserve. I truly believe that until we can at least respect and love ourselves to some degree, we cannot expect anyone else to meet us on that same or even higher level. Now we don’t all have to have Lizzo level of self-love and confidence to find romantic love, but if you have a negative relationship with yourself, I can almost guarantee that that negative mindset affects how you choose your romantic interests. If you are like a young me, jumping from one rotting/toxic romantic fling to another then I highly recommended taking a step back and evaluating how your own perceptions of yourself are contributing to your negative dating behaviors.

Take a note from Lizzo’s ultimate bop “Soulmate”

‘Cause I’m my own soulmate
I know how to love me
I know that I’m always gonna hold me down
Yeah, I’m my own soulmate
No, I’m never lonely
I know I’m a queen but I don’t need no crown
Look up in the mirror like damn she the one

High Protein Snacks That Are Not Powders

High Protein Snacks That Are Not Powders

Unpopular opinion alert! I do not like protein shakes, I actually really dislike them. I have tried a dozen protein powders and have yet to find one that really speaks to me and I would much rather eat my calories than drink them anyways! Because I am a protein shake hater, it can be super tricky for me to get in adequate protein without having to eat weird egg white frankemeals that are odd and unsatisfying. Over the past year however, I have really been able to hone in on the snacks and extra meals that help me hit my protein goals and leave me feeling happy and not hangry.

One of my absolute favorite clean protein packed snacks are Epic Bars! These bad boys have no weird ingredients are made from natural animal-meat to provide long lasting energy and superior snack satisfaction. My favorite high protein flavors are Chicken Siracha and Turkey, Almond, Cranberry! I also love the Bison and Bacon flavors as well, however those do have a higher fat content. What I love about Epic bars is that they are low in sugar and carbs and won’t leave me feeling icky and bloated. An added bonus is my cat loves them too!

A second, high protein snack that is always a go to staple for me is Kodiak Cakes Frozen Buttermilk Vanilla Power Waffles. These are soooo damn good you will not even realize you are eating 12 g of protein per 2 waffles. What I love about Kodiak products are their versatility, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner these waffles will make you one happy camper. I have also been recently experimenting with their pancake mix for some high protein banana pancakes and all I can say is those are fire and I have to resist the urge to make them every single weekend!

A few other of my favorite protein snacks include Turkey or Beef Chomps Sticks, dry roasted almonds, Trader Joes Teriyaki Turkey Jerky and of course any flavor of Halo Top or Enlightened Ice Cream. I also greatly enjoy high protein wraps for making quick and easy lunches for work. I have even found a few pre -made high protein cold brew coffee choices at my local Kroger or Safeway stores. When it comes to getting in my protein, I am always on team eat it not drink it. I find that drinking my food is far less filling and will lead me to snacking more later on in the day, so it is usually better for me to just avoid liquid protein in all forms. Protein coffees are great though for when I am traveling or just have a really hectic week and need to not think about packing snacks.

Getting adequate protein does not need to be flavorless challenge nor do you have to rely on shakes or meal replacement drinks. The key to getting your protein in is planning, planning, planning! The better I plan my meals and snacks ahead of time, the higher chance I will hit my protein goal. Strategically adding snacks into my day has been a huge help in making sure I am getting close to my protein numbers on a given day. So, get creative, try some new snacks and be wary of any kind of packaged goods that have more than 10 ingredients! The more natural and less processed the snacks are the better they will make you feel and don’t be afraid to double up on eggs in the morning or collagen powder in your coffee since those are easy ways to start your day off right.

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Tracking Macros & Meal Planning When You Live With Your Partner

Tracking Macros & Meal Planning When You Live With Your Partner

Moving in with your partner is a huge life step! This relationship milestone can be particularly scary for many reasons, but my biggest worry was actually one that very few people think about when taking the leap to cohabitate with their romantic partner. When my boyfriend and I decided to self-isolate together this past April, I was most worried about how I was going to keep up my healthy food habits and continue to track my macros while learning to live and cook with my man.

My boyfriend does not track his macros and does not have a structured meal plan or eating schedule like I do, which initially caused me to be nervous about us living together. I am definitely more OCD/type A when it comes to meal prepping and planning while he is more of a mindful eater who does not pre track or weigh his food. This stark contrast could have potentially negative side effects for us as roommates and life partners and I was super anxious about making things work when the time came for me to move into his apartment.  

So how do we eat meals together if I have to weight and track my portions, and he doesn’t! It’s actually super simple, we just make equal portions of food and try to spit things evenly! If I am making 6 ounces of ground beef for me, I will simply weight an equal portion for him as well and make 1 giant pot meal that we simply split down the middle as best as possible. While this is not an exact science, it does work well for me when I am eating for maintenance or being a less strict with my macro tracking. Overall, this cooking method works super well for nights when we both are craving pasta or a ground beef taco bowl but is less cut and dry when it comes to cooking more complicated dishes or want slightly different meals that have some common ingredients.

Another way we make this work is cooking on 2 separate baking sheets. I will prepare 1 sheet for me with my pre weighted portions and 1 sheet for him with his portions if they differ from my own. This allows us to still make a meal together without having to make the exact same portions or veggies. I personally, love mushrooms and kale and eat them probably every other day, while my boyfriend is a mushroom hater and will only sporadically join me in crunching on some crispy kale chips. I am a huge proponent of simple but effective meal making and both my boyfriend and I are not into spending hours in the kitchen each night. One pan/bake sheet meals, work wonders for us when we are trying to eat together but enjoy different protein, carb and fat sources and make for a no fuss dinner.

Cooking together when you have different habits does not need to turn into WW3 or cause you or your partner to feel guilty for their needs/wants. For me and my boyfriend, we try to cook/plan 2-3 meals per week together and then will eat the rest on our own. Sometimes we do more, and some weeks we share less, but either way we make sure to clearly communicate before we cook so that one person is not left with no chicken for dinner. If you are like me and you cannot share your food without feeling anxious about it shifting your numbers, then I highly recommend cooking on separate baking sheets or in separate pans from your roommate/partner. This will allow you to portion control your food while enjoying the same meal as your dinner date! It’s a win win for you both. No need to compromise your goals or feel guilty!

Guilt Free Summer Vacation

Guilt Free Summer Vacation

Taking vacation used to cause me more stress than staying home.. Say what??? Who in the good heck does not enjoy a summer vacation and break from the doldrums of daily routine? This girl right here. Vacations use to cause me crippling anxiety and extreme guilt around my eating and exercise habits. The thought of taking a few days away from MyFitness pal and the gym would have me spiraling down a dark pit of fear and worry. Would I be able to eat only clean, non-processed foods while I was gone? Would my friends pressure me into eating “off track”? Would there be a gym at the hotel? These were usually the first thoughts that popped into my head when the vacation topic came up. I used to think of vacation as “ruining my progress” or as a hinderance to my body composition goals. I would go crazy eating treats and heavy foods to come home filled with guilt and shame about my lack of discipline.

This obsession with perfection and rigid mindset around being “on track” or “off-track” for my goals led me to rarely enjoying vacations because I would be so glued to my phone trying to track and measure each morsel of food or every step I took. This eventually led to exhaustion and frustration that usually ended in me saying f-it I am eating the damn fries and going ham on all the desserts and rich foods I tried so hard to swear off. As soon as I returned home the race would be on for me to exercise away the bad foods I ate on vacation, adding in extra cardio to make up for the few days I took off from training. This was a vicious cycle for me until I realized that my mindset about food was the problem, not the act of taking vacation. Vacations do not need to set you back from your goals! You also can 1000 percent enjoy vacation without feeling guilty.

The key to a successful guilt free summer trip is all about planning, mindfulness and your general mindset around food. Vacation should not be an excuse to say screw it to your goals and healthy habits. Sure, should you fully enjoy trying new foods and eating out, yes! But should you eat a whole bag of Doritos and marshmallows, no probably not. All foods have value and a place on your plate, but just because you are on vacation does not mean you should forget all of your mindful eating habits. Vacation is about making memories no stomach aches!

For me, I treat vacation as a chance to eat mindfully without tracking, however I stick to a few ground rules that help me to feel my best. Getting in my 800g of fruits and veggies, hitting 7-10k steps and avoiding overly processed foods and dairy products are just a few of the ways I focus on my health and well-being while being away from home. If I do make a misstep or have an episode of over-eating, I treat myself with love and respect and move the hell on. I do not do extra cardio, I do not do a juice cleanse or a fast when I get home and I definitely do not jump right into a cut or calorie deficit is soon as I return home. I simply make a mental note of what was going on when this less than ideal food situation occurred. Was I feeling overly tired? Did I have a particularly active day or was I just super hungry. While none of these reasons are excuses for overeating or going a bit too crazy with the Talenti, they do help me to understand and learn from my mistakes and take corrective actions for the future. Being kind to myself has really helped me unpack my toxic relationship with vacations and non-tracking days and helped me enjoy vacation more! Now I wake up after a vacation or party and feel no stress, no guilt and no shame about what I ate because I know that it is a new day with new opportunities to work towards my goals and make healthy choices.

Don’t let food rules and rigid exercise habits ruin your time with family and friends! Life is about balance, just like one healthy meal won’t lead to weight loss, one untracked vacation meal won’t lead to weight gain, so enjoy but be mindful. Vacation should be time for making memories, taking a break from your daily life and enjoying yourself, not being anxious about your health and fitness goals.

Glossier Cloud Paint Beauty Review

Glossier Cloud Paint Beauty Review

I cannot hide it anymore… I am absolutely blushing and crushing for Glossier Cloud Paint! I used to be a mascara or no make-up type of girl until I found Glossier cosmetics. Mascara and some eyeliner or lip color used to be my go-to easy beauty look, until I stared getting more and more into blush!

As a resident pasty human, a healthy flush takes me from blah to babe in a second. I have tried all kinds of blushes under the sun from, cream/stick to powder and everything in between but nothing has really made me feel any kind of way. Up until now I had been using an old Clinique cream blush stick, which worked just find but was nothing magical and often looked a bit fake on my skin because of the unnatural pinkness of the shade.

Glossier has always intrigued me with their no-frills marketing and seemingly easy to use and mix/match products, but I had held out for a long time on purchasing any of their items because I am not much of a make-up guru and prefer to keep my routine simple. I also am not the kind of girl who likes to splurge on makeup because I usually sweat if off by the time I head out to my evening workout. Clothes, bags, shoes are much more my vibe when it comes to investing in high quality basics, however I have started to invest in some better beauty brands and products as of recently. Buying, clean, no BS make-up is super important to me, this stuff goes your skin for crying out loud! I also believe in supporting women owned business that do not believe in profiting off of your insecurities and systemic diet culture. Glossier does just that! Their whole brand is built on easy, no frills make-up and skincare products designed to make you feel like your most beautiful and natural self.

Enter Cloud Paint! Cloud Paint is the easiest to use blush I have ever tried, just dot a tiny amount on your cheeks, blend and you have the most natural looking fresh-faced flush I have ever seen. For my skin tone, I opted for their coral shade called “Dawn” but was super torn over whether I should go more peach or more orange, but I am glad I went for coral! The color looks so natural on me that I can barely tell the difference between my natural flushed face tone and the cloud paint I dotted on. A tiny dot also goes a long way! A pin or ½ a penny sized amount is literally all you need to brighten up your face. Just dot, blend and go! No more piling my blush brush to the brim with overly pink powder. One thing to note is that this stuff comes out of the bottle/packaging quickly and if you are not careful you will get it all over your face, body and hands creating a sticky coral mess, so be super careful when squeezing it out!

I love that cloud paint does not make me feel weighted down with powdery pinkness and does not sweat off in the summer heat. I feel cute and cool with my coral cheeks to sun, whether I am running from work to the gym or going to brunch with girlfriends.

If you are a pale friend like me, I highly recommend investing in some cloud paint! Blush and crush hard my friends and don’t be shocked in cloud paint makes you goo goo for Glossier!