Things I Am Grateful & Thankful For This November

This November is starting off with some serious anxiety inducing events. Given that the world feels like it is on fire literally and figuratively at the moment I decided to take a moment to give thanks and reflect on all that I am grateful for this year so far – In no organized or particular order 🙂

  • My family and friends – I am thankful for all the love and support I am surrounded by each and everyday from everyone in my life 
  • My amazing boyfriend and apartment mate for surviving the lockdown with me and my little mischievous fur baby 
  • My health – Minus a few injuries this year, I am grateful for being COVID free and 95% healthy all year 
  • High waisted jeans and baggy sweat pants being in vogue 
  • My ability to move and exercise my body without pain or limitations – Pre and hopefully post ankle sprain!
  • Warm cat snuggles on a cold morning 
  • Being fully employed for an incredible company and influencer marketing agency and for finally finding my professional calling 
  • A tall glass of red wine after a long day
  • Fuzzy socks and shearling slippers 
  • 75 degree days in the middle of December in Denver 
  • Living in a country filled with regular citizens and activists alike committed to change, justice and equality for all 
  • Oversized sweaters 
  • Pumpkin spice everything

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