Falling Back Into Blogging

Ahhh Autumn, what a wonderful time. A season filled with endings and new beginnings and lots of cozy PSL and sweaters. It has been quite a few weeks since I wrote something and I will be perfectly honest it has been hard to come back to writing long form content after taking a long hiatus on here. 

When I started this blog it was because I was frustrated with the progression or lack thereof in my professional career and I thought why don’t I channel this negativity into a creative passion project. As it turns out my blogging helped me in securing my current position and with that I have had to take a step back from my blog to focus on transitioning into my new big girl job. See when I took a step back from writing it allowed me to see that my new job was igniting a new passion in me: Advocacy! 

In my new role I have the unique opportunity to be an advocate for both YouTubers and lifestyle brands as they navigate sponsorship deals and paid partnerships. I am able to advocate for the overall project vision and am the key piece in communication between the brand and creator that creates a healthy and happy strategic partnership. This has been such a big leap forward for me in responsibility and workload which has led to some creative burn out. See as I work I am charged with protecting and fighting for other influencers and because of this I have lost my own voice for a short period of time and had to pause my own influencing projects. I have been so worried about other influencers that I have had to pause my own accounts to give me the mental space to live my life in the present and savor all of the small moments that often get lost in the craze of work/life balance. 

I love my new job and I have ZERO regrets about taking some time and space to get grounded with my career so that I can come back to my blog fired up and ready to inspire once again. Fall is about change, changing seasons and leaves and changing closets (HELLO BOOTS! My old friend, we come to meet again 🙂 I have lots of exciting things happening soon including a big fall fashion haul from H&M, some new home decorating tips and a much awaited skincare sample testing for a BIG new beauty and skincare brand that I actually found through my job! 

I LIVE for spooky season so what better time to stage a comeback! While I will likely only post 1-2x a week on here I am super excited to get back to writing once again. 

Ta Ta for now friends and I am excited to bring the passion back to Who WOD Wear!

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