Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Review

Finding a cute gym bag that is multi-functional is a challenge! It makes me so sad to see stylish, full-grown adults toting around old drawstring bags from high school to the gym. As someone who loves fashion but also function finding something other than an old backpack to bring to the gym has been hard. Pockets and compartments are music to my ears and multiple straps are a must for me. Doing some research, I knew I wanted a bag that could be used for more than just going to the gym, but I also didn’t need another giant tote bag.

Dagne Dover, immediately came to mind when I started listing the features that were non negotiable for me when it came to a gym bag. I already had their famous Allyn Tote for work, which is a lifesaver with all of its nifty pockets and compartments designed for my frequent traveler and commuter life. I decided my perfect gym bag was the other Dagne Dover crowd pleaser the Landon Carryall Tote. The Landon Carryall comes in a variety of sizes and colors to find any personal style aesthetic and for any and all travel needs. What I love the most about this bag is how light and water resistant it is! This carryall is so easy to stuff full of workout accessories and extra clothes without adding a ton of weight to the bag, it truly is magical.

Whether I am going on a quick overnight trip or hitting an after work WOD this bag is my go-to! I love the thoughtful details such as the way the bag can be expanded by unbuttoning the side flaps for more top space as well as the outside pocket that fits my car keys and face mask. Originally, I was not wild about the neoprene fabric but as I have gone through rainstorms and snowstorms, I have found the fabric to be perfect for protecting my bag from the elements. Spill some water? No problem, the Landon Carryall will dry fast and stain free!

Looking for your new gym partner? Look no further than the Dagne Dover Landon Carryall, this space saving ninja will fit all your workout essentials while being stylish and lite for travel!

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