The Case For Functional Fashion

One thousand blisters and barefoot walks home later I have finally found comfort in functional fashion choices. I used to be a habitual uncomfortable outfit and shoe wearer. Despite all of my better judgements and decision-making abilities I used to constantly choose discomfort over comfort when it came to my fashion choices. Stuffing and shoving my body into uncomfortable and completely un functional for life clothes and shoes was a regular ritual for me when getting dressed to go out to parties or events.

Younger me was always so obsessed with fitting in and seeming “cool” or “trendy” that I would completely ignore my throbbing feet or suffocated arms because I was convinced that it was cool to sacrifice comfort for fashion. I used to make fun of my mom’s Teva and Merrill sandals in the summer because I thought they were the least fashionable thing I had ever seen. Now the thought of wearing Tevas to work is dream come true for me!

It wasn’t until I was out of college that I slowly started to reject mainstream fashion trends that did not align or equal outfit comfort for me. I stopped spending money on clothing and shoes that were not full day comfortable for me and slowly started to re frame my hierarchy of priority when it came to my fashion choices. Comfort is so key for me now, especially when it comes to my office and going out clothes! Nothing bothers me more than coming into the office and feeling uncomfortable with my clothes or shoes and making the wrong outfit choice can leave me distracted and bothered all day. Same goes for my going out outfits! Some of my best nights out at the bars in Denver have been when I was wearing “scrubby” outfits that were comfortable to move and dance in.

Functional fashion is a huge turn on for me when I am shopping! I love investing in pieces that are functional for life and easy to wear. Most my most frequently worn outfits are ones that are comfortable and functional because they make me feel my best. Even the chicest of fashionistas needs to have a good walking shoes, so why not make 90% of your shoe collection functional for everyday wear!

Gone are the days of 6-inch platform heels for me, but hello mules and slides. Any kind of backless shoe has a place in my closet, no more blisters and callouses for me!

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