Silk Midi Skirts For Summer

The mid-summer heat is here, and we are in full skirt mode now! Skirts have always been a somewhat non-existent staple in my adult closet, probably due to having to wear a brown wool plaid one every day for 4 years when I was in high school at a Catholic girls school in New York. I tepidly bought a skirt here and there in college never really loving anything I found until recently. The silk midi skirt trend has been on the rise since 2019 and is making a 90’s comeback like no other this year! At first, I was unsure how I felt about this throw-back Thursday look but as I went through Pinterest and found styling ideas that spoke to me the more, I felt like I needed to have one of these skirts in my life.

My first silk midi skirt purchase was from NastyGal and I went with solid black to start before I jumped into some of the crazier prints and styles. Much to my surprise this slim piece was the new office staple I was searching for! From a business trip in Calgary mid snowstorm to stomping around NYC with my sister this skirt could do it all in style. I loved that skirt so much that when I was traveling in Tulsa, I ended up buying a coral silk midi skirt from a local boutique and it has quickly become a summer staple for me.

I love pairing my midi skirts with a grungy band tee or a slinky summer blouse for an easy look that can go from day to night in an instant. What I love about this trend is the versatility and ease of styling! Nothing bothers me more than buying what you think is a staple only to find yourself having nothing to style the piece with and eventually letting it collect dust at the back of the closet. The silk midi skirt is not that piece for me! My silk midi skirts are go to summer pieces that offer a wide array of styling options and always feel fresh when paired with a different shoe choice. These skirts look fire with cowboy boots to platform sandals and everything in between!

My advice for buying your first silk midi skirt is simple, stick with colors and cuts and that you know will flatter your shape! If you hate large leg slits, then don’t look for skirts with leg slits. If cheetah print is too intense for you (me too girl!) opt for a more neutral print or color to start, then slowly explore more bold prints and patterns. Have fun with it and don’t be discouraged if this trend doesn’t ignite your passion fire. There are plenty of other summer skirt trends and thousands of other cuts out there that you will surly find another look that is more to your liking!

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