Freck Beauty Review

No beauty look is complete without my Freck Beauty OG Freckles. Who knew that little fake freckles could make me feel so cute and flirty! Now, I will preface this review with the recognition that these little freckles are pretty expensive for the small packaging size, however I will argue they are totally worth it!

About a month ago I saw a post from one of my favorite podcast comedians boasting about how the addition of some fake freckles on her nose and cheek area made her feel like 1000 bucks. Instantly I was intrigued! As someone who has real freckles along my nose, I was especially interested in how simply dotting some eye brown pencil on my real freckles could help them pop and look more noticeable.

So, I gave it a go with my Anastasia Brow Pencil in dark brown. I loved the way the eyebrow pencil made my pale freckles pop! I went from city chic to girl next door cute in a matter of minutes but was disappointed at how my sunglasses and sweat would wipe the fake freckles away. This went on for a few weeks before I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a real fake freckle make up product.

Enter Freck OG, this teeny tiny little bottle filled with fake freckle goodness is my new favorite beauty product of summer 2020. Simply dot these little bad boys on your nose bridge/ upper cheek area, blot and go and these freckles will stay put all day long. Only a shower or a workout can swipe these fake freckles away. I was amazed at how natural they looked, despite the strong staying power. Do be careful of how you dot since they are pretty strong and if you do wrong you will be left with an all-day stain or awkward looking blot on your face. I like to blot them quickly with a tissue before I leave to make sure they are dried on but not too dark or unnatural looking.

Now I don’t leave my house without these cute freckles splattered across my face! They are the perfect selfie accessory and make even my sweat pant work from home outfits look cute. Even better, that little bottle has lasted me over a month with near daily use! If you are in the market for a fun new beauty product, definitely check out Freck OG or any of their other products. What I love about the brand Freck is their inclusivity and commitment to showcasing models of all races in their marketing campaigns. Not only are their products long lasting and cute as hell but they are also changing the beauty industry, by bringing freckles to people of all races, ages and genders!

Check out my Instagram @who.wod.wear for more of my daily beauty looks!

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