Glossier Cloud Paint Beauty Review

I cannot hide it anymore… I am absolutely blushing and crushing for Glossier Cloud Paint! I used to be a mascara or no make-up type of girl until I found Glossier cosmetics. Mascara and some eyeliner or lip color used to be my go-to easy beauty look, until I stared getting more and more into blush!

As a resident pasty human, a healthy flush takes me from blah to babe in a second. I have tried all kinds of blushes under the sun from, cream/stick to powder and everything in between but nothing has really made me feel any kind of way. Up until now I had been using an old Clinique cream blush stick, which worked just find but was nothing magical and often looked a bit fake on my skin because of the unnatural pinkness of the shade.

Glossier has always intrigued me with their no-frills marketing and seemingly easy to use and mix/match products, but I had held out for a long time on purchasing any of their items because I am not much of a make-up guru and prefer to keep my routine simple. I also am not the kind of girl who likes to splurge on makeup because I usually sweat if off by the time I head out to my evening workout. Clothes, bags, shoes are much more my vibe when it comes to investing in high quality basics, however I have started to invest in some better beauty brands and products as of recently. Buying, clean, no BS make-up is super important to me, this stuff goes your skin for crying out loud! I also believe in supporting women owned business that do not believe in profiting off of your insecurities and systemic diet culture. Glossier does just that! Their whole brand is built on easy, no frills make-up and skincare products designed to make you feel like your most beautiful and natural self.

Enter Cloud Paint! Cloud Paint is the easiest to use blush I have ever tried, just dot a tiny amount on your cheeks, blend and you have the most natural looking fresh-faced flush I have ever seen. For my skin tone, I opted for their coral shade called “Dawn” but was super torn over whether I should go more peach or more orange, but I am glad I went for coral! The color looks so natural on me that I can barely tell the difference between my natural flushed face tone and the cloud paint I dotted on. A tiny dot also goes a long way! A pin or ½ a penny sized amount is literally all you need to brighten up your face. Just dot, blend and go! No more piling my blush brush to the brim with overly pink powder. One thing to note is that this stuff comes out of the bottle/packaging quickly and if you are not careful you will get it all over your face, body and hands creating a sticky coral mess, so be super careful when squeezing it out!

I love that cloud paint does not make me feel weighted down with powdery pinkness and does not sweat off in the summer heat. I feel cute and cool with my coral cheeks to sun, whether I am running from work to the gym or going to brunch with girlfriends.

If you are a pale friend like me, I highly recommend investing in some cloud paint! Blush and crush hard my friends and don’t be shocked in cloud paint makes you goo goo for Glossier!

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