My Favorite Mom Jeans

I own a lot of pairs of jeans! Straight jeans, cropped jeans, ripped jeans, blue jeans.. the list goes on and on. You name it, I probably own it, but you will probably never catch me in a pair of skinny jeans. 

For years I stuffed myself into skin-tight jeans, feeling self-conscious as ever seeing my athletic legs strapped in like space cadets before take-off. I forced these leg prisons on myself even though I knew they did not make me feel my best and it wasn’t until last year that I found the light at the end of my jean filled dreams. Finally, mom jeans and non skinny jeans in general were having a moment in 2019. What a revolution to see pants that were high-waisted and not skin-tight making headlines in fashion magazines. I was hooked immediately! I loved the way the straight leg style cinched in my waist and tapered down giving me a long lean look that balanced out my athletic frame. All across Pinterest and magazines I was seeing women rejecting skinny jeans in favor of straight leg and looser styles. 

My time had come! I could hardly contain my excitement last year when I started combing the mall and internet for some new jeans to add to my collection. Straight leg and mom style pants were the answer to all of my jean issues, so naturally I bought them in every color and style I could find! My favorite jeans right now happen to be from Urban Outfitters. I absolutely love the BDG Slim Straight style and the BDG Mom Jean, both are super comfy and flattering. 

I fear the jean section no more, now that I have found 2 styles that I know work for me/my body and fit my fashion taste. J. Crew also has some great cuts for athletic frames and petite women. Their high waisted utilities jean, and straight leg jean, are both a close 2nd place for me in terms of style and stretch. What I love about J. Crew is their focus on polished colors and clean lines, which makes all of their jeans great for a casual day at the office or going to a work happy hour. I have my size and cut down pat now and do not even think twice when I see my favorite styles go on sale! Jeans are by far the most versatile item in my closet and once winter hits in Denver I pretty much live in them. Investing in good fitting and great feeling jeans is a non negotiable for me. I would much rather have 4 pairs of good fitting jeans than 12 meh fitting jeans.

Jeans shopping does not need to make you run for the hills and hide! The key to finding the right pants is patience and try on time. Allow yourself plenty of time to try on various styles or if shopping online buy more than one style and size for comparison. Nothing is worst than buying a pair of pants online to have them arrive leaving you frustrated and annoyed that they don’t fit the way you were hoping. Also remember that it is not you who must fit the jeans, but rather the goal is to find jeans that fit you! Jeans are not your enemy and should not make you feel uncomfortable. If your jeans do not spark joy then you should donate them in favor of finding jeans that do light your inner fire. 

For more of my daily fashion insights and outfits of the day check out my instagram page @who.wod.wear!

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