Bike Shorts Before All Else

When I first started seeing bike shorts pop up on Instagram and Pinterest I was very much so not hopping on that trend train. Shorts in general have always been a polarizing item for me, let alone tight spandex ones, but bike shorts presented some interesting stying options that did peak my interest.  

The more I started seeing models and influencers of all sizes and shapes embracing the bike short trend, I decided why not give them a try. I liked the idea of active wear as fashion wear and could see a lot of ways I could wear bike shorts for an easy laid back look. So I decided to go straight to my go to source for fast fashion since I was not about to drop 60 dollars on some tiny shorts that I was not even certain would look flattering on me. I bought a pair from H&M and two different pairs from Amazon and was eager for my new finds to arrive. 

At first glance these shorts looked nice, comfortable and easy to wear since I opted for just plain back. First thoughts during try on were cautiously optimistic, I actually did not hate the way bike shorts looked on me. I was definitely skeptical at first, however after mixing and matching my shorts with some over-sized tees and sneakers the bike shorts really grew on me!

I was in love! I loved the way the shorts, when worn with shoes that gave me a boost, elongated my legs and made my thighs look fit and thick in all the right ways. I loved the comfort and ease of motion that bike shorts gave me for running errands or taking an long afternoon walk. I even liked how they didn’t ride up or give me a weird wedgie! 

Bike shorts are definitely now on my list of go-to easy styles for a busy day or for summer traveling. Dress them up or dress them down, the bike shorts can go from hiking to brunch to the bar with a simple shift in styling and pairing. 

Some great low cost bike short options can be found on H&M, Amazon and Tobi, and I encourage you to test out more than one source since sizing can vary wildly. One pair I bought was low key loose and another pair I got were low key tight. Both were size medium yet fit was completely different so it may take you a bit to find a pair that is just right. 

For more of my street style and fashion finds check out my Instagram @who.wod.wear

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