Easy, Breezy Bottoms For Summer

Who here has been personally victimized by loose summer pants? Dresses are great for keeping cool on hot summer days but there are only so many days I can wear dresses before I longingly miss my favorite pair of jeans. Finding comfortable, flattering summer pants and skirts can be super tricky when you have an athletic frame. Loose, light fabric pants are a great option for days when the temperatures are reaching the high 90’s and you have exhausted your sundress collection or simply want to shake things up. 

Finding the right summer pant can be challenge however finding flattering summer pants to fit a petite athletic frame is even trickier. Raise your hand if you have ever put on a pair of wide-cut, flowy, bohemian style pants and immediately ripped them off because they made you feel fluffy and marshmallowy! Loose, paper bag style pants are great for summer but often are too long for me, or cut off my body in a weird way making me appear short and wide. 

When searching for summer pants, I gravitate towards mid rise, neutral colors and muted prints that won’t overwhelm my small frame. Mid rise pants help to cinch in my waist, and the darker colors slim my bottom half giving me a flattering shape to work with and helps to hide any unwanted bottom sweat. On especially warm days, my go to is to pair a looser, light colored top with a more structured neutral toned bottom like these super cute sailor pants from Zara and white basic blouse from H&M.

This look is perfect for a busy day at the office but is also great for weekend errands or even a low key brunch with friends! What I love about this outfit is the light airiness of the fabrics and the loose fit which allow me to move and feel comfortable outside even on the hottest of Denver days. 

For me, when it comes to summer fashion comfort key! A great summer outfit is only as good as it feels to wear it when its a scorching summer day.

Link to shop my go-to summer pants and for more of my daily looks and outfit inspiration follow my instagram @who.wod.wear

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