Scale That Snatch: A Guide To Getting Back To The Box Post COVID-19

As gyms begin phased re-openings the urge to rush back to your previous workout routine is strong as hell! I know that as soon as my box was open I was super eager there and was more than ready to get back to work. For most of us though, rushing back to high intensity workouts and hitting the barbells 6 days a week is not realistic. I was humbled two weeks ago when the 35 pound bar felt heavy without any bumper plates loaded!

Taking it easy right now is more important than ever! After 3 months of not lifting and moving anything other than my body weight and some small 8 pound kettlebells my body is in a slightly more vulnerable and softer state. My strength and grip are weak and workouts I used to crush are now causing me to be sore for 3 days. The worst thing I could do right now is grind my body into the ground doing 6 high intensity workouts a week in desperate hope of magically regaining my previous fitness and strength levels over night. Overtraining comes with a lot of negative impacts, that I am all too familiar with, the least of which being an over use injury. Nothing would be more heartbreaking than coming back to gym after a 3 month hiatus and immediately getting injured. 

Physically, I am not in a place to snatch 65 pounds like I was before the COVID-19 home lockdown was instated and while that is disappointing and frustrating, I have learned that feeling negative is not going to help me get where I want to go. Right now for me this means giving myself grace and moving mindfully and with intention and checking my ego at the box door.

So I challenge you to take a step back, scale that WOD and allow yourself to feel like a beginner again! Your mind and your body will thank you.

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